The Starr Series: Book Two For Gian

Book Two of The Starr Series, For Gian, introduces you to Gian who has recently lost her fiance, Luke, after a prolonged battle with cancer. Luke leaves his missionary journals for Gian to read when he dies with a request that she go to England to her Aunt Elise. 
Reluctantly, Gian heads to England where she meets the people Luke found during his two year mission including JJ, someone he regarded highly in his journals. She soon begins to realize that her purpose in England was all a part of Luke's plan.

The Starr Series: Book One

How do you make a decision when it's for Eternity? 

When Elise's husband Josh leaves the LDS Church, he takes her hope of being sealed for forever with him. When Josh tragically dies in a car accident, Elise begins the process to seal herself to Josh. When she meets 4-year old Kiki at church one Sunday, she also meets her widower father Sheldon and her younger brother Koda and baby sister Ella.

Set in Colorado, About Elise tells a love story of how odd socks grew a friendship. Offering smiles and tears, the story weaves through all the emotions associated with change, bringing together two people and their unexpected find of love after loss.

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